Shades to Match Your Interior Decor

At Green Country Shutters, there is a range of custom shades to choose from, with a variety of features and controls for your modern home. For instance, we have solar shades to regulate the amount of light that gets into your home. If the conservationist bug has bitten you and you want shades that can help use energy better, we have a range of cellular shades to choose from. All the shades in our catalog have a mix of style and functionality.

Graber Lightweaves® Roller Shades

Graber Roller Shades combine a clean, structured line with oh-so-appealing fabrics in rich solids and sophisticated patterns. And because we offer the same fabric in different opacities—from sheer to blackout—you can find the right privacy level for each room and better coordinate shades throughout your home. Wide windows? We’ve got them covered, too.

Insolroll Exterior Shades for Your Outdoor Spaces

Are you lost on what exterior shades to use for your outdoor spaces? The Oasis Patio Insect Shades are the perfect choice for your patio. These are not only designed to keep flies and insects out but also to protect you from UV rays. The shades are fitted with a track system that will make you feel like you are zipped inside them because they literally do zip you inside. You can choose from a whole gamut of fabrics, from those that keep insects out to those that block the sun better.

The shades remain taut in conditions of strong wind because the ShyZIP edge system is designed to spread the stress from strong wind currents all through the fabric. The shades have been tested in very windy conditions and the system with the captured edge has held up remarkably. Look through the catalog and see what type of exterior shades you like for your large windows and we will be glad to help you out.

Save Energy with Graber Cellular Shades

Graber has a line of cellular shades named CrystalPleat that are just as stylish as they are energy saving. If you are the kind of homeowner that likes to save energy whenever they can, then this is the type of window treatment for you. Aside from their energy efficiency, the Graber line of cellular shades also has a wide range of styles that homeowners can choose from. These cellular shades come with top-of-the-range sound absorption features that will reduce the noise when installed in rooms that have hard flooring.

Graber Slide-Vue Cellular Shades

These are meant for homes with large patio windows that need larger sized window treatments. This is also another line of Graber cellular shades that adheres to the Graber custom of expert workmanship and sophisticated style. Choose from a range of designs with different functionality options.

We are always keen on providing our clients with exactly what they need and that is why you can get your cellular shades in four opacity levels. There are three cell sizes to choose from as well.

The honeycomb-shaped cells fill with air to insulate your window and give you high-performance energy savings all year long. A color coordinated headrail delivers a modern look without requiring a valance.

All-New Fabrics for Stop-and-Stare Style

Graber CrystalPleat Cellular Shades are designed for unsurpassed energy savings all year. Their insulating honeycomb design paired with our all-new premium fabrics create a high-performance shade for every space and every style.

Graber Fresco® Roman & Artisan Fabric Shades

Of the moment at every moment, and in step with any décor, Graber Roman Shades have long been the choice of designers.

Find your style within one of two collections: the neutral hues and crisp lines of the streamlined Graber Fresco Roman collection, or the lush NEW designer fabrics and exquisite style options that can only be found in the Graber Artisan collection.

Home Office

As popularity and necessity to work from home grows, you may be interested in improving your home office décor. Every home and home office needs are going to be unique to you, so remember to take the time to identify what will work best for your circumstances. Here are some home office ideas that can improve your work-from-home experience.

  • Studies show that natural daylight in an office setting improves overall wellness, with reduced eye strain and headaches, so situating your home office in a space that features a window is ideal
  • Glare can be a real issue when working on devices. Consider switching to a solar shade
  • “Noise” is relative depending on your lifestyle but working from home is more important than ever to control what you can. Soft surroundings can absorb sound that could travel through your walls. Adding layers to your home office décor can look great and also serve that purpose.

Add Pleated Shades to Your Window Dressing

Pleated shades are the type of window dressing to go for if you would like to add depth and structure to your windows. These shades can make even traditional windows stand out with their crisply folding fabrics. Pleated shades are available in many textures, each with its own qualities to impress. You can get light-filtering fabric or opaque ones; it all depends on your taste and preference.

EvenPleat is the line of Graber window dressings with pleats. They are fitted with back-ladder support so that the pleats stay evenly spaced. This also keeps them from sagging. Those who don't need back-ladder support in their design can go for FashionPleat, which is the more affordable option. These come in 1" or 2" pleats so as to suit windows with different scales.

There are innumerable designs in our catalog you can browse through. Contact us today to get the best window treatments at the most competitive prices.

Natural Shades for Your Living Spaces

Interior designers are always coming up with new ways to use different décor elements around the home. Natural accents have become one of the most popular style choices in recent times. It is no wonder that natural décor has become such a trend; the pristine and gentle aesthetics of these kinds of fixtures brings an atmosphere of calm that homeowners like. Natural drapes can do the same for your home. They provide the balance you need to bring harmony to the textures you have used in your living spaces. These drapes can transform any room to give it a welcoming ambience. You will also like the fact that they go with any other material, from bamboo to grasses and jute.

In order to keep things as natural as possible, Graber has created a brand of natural drapes manufactured using renewable and organic materials like grasses and bamboo. These natural shades have a rustic look that makes them perfect for the countryside home but you can still use them in other settings to great effect.

Natural Shades add natural color, texture and dimension to your windows and create a comfortable atmosphere of casual elegance or simple sophistication.

  • Standard, Old Style or Looped Roman Shade designs
  • Standard Cord, Cordless Lift, Continuous-loop Lift System, Bottom Up/Top Down and Motorized Lift available
  • Optional Liner available to coordinate with shade and offer additional light control and privacy

Out of all the window-covering options available, Natural Shades are the greenest!

The refined, handwoven fabrics give a warm, richly textured finish to your space. Handmade from sustainable materials—such as jute, bamboo, and grasses—Graber Natural Shades are a sophisticated way to bring an earthy element to every aesthetic.

Unique by Nature. Beautiful by Design.

  • Designer selections feature a fresh, soft color palette, as well as metallic accents and beautiful pops of color within the fabric.
  • Expertly engineered cordless system offers smooth, flawless function.

Shade Safety

You have high standards for the products you use to decorate your home. You want them to be strong, durable, of exceptional quality, and above all, safe for your family. Graber offers tension pulleys and tie-down devices that keep continuous-loop pull cords taut, preventing loose cords from posing a danger.

When purchasing your window treatment, be sure to invest in the safest options for homes with children and pets. Green Country Shutters offers cordless and motorized control options that remove standard operating cords and their associated hazards, they’ve been certified as Best for kids by an independent lab:

  • Cordless control uses sleek, ergonomic handles to guide your blind or shade into place by gently lifting the bottom rail.
  • Motorized control uses a simple one-touch remote for control that enables hands off operation from virtually anywhere in the home.
Shade Safety

Protect Your Home from The Sun with Solar Shades

The Graber LightWeaves Solar Shades are a combination of form and function. These are the perfect shades for the homeowner who wants some protection from UV rays and glare and also likes style. You also don't have to worry about the shades blocking the picturesque sunsets you love to watch. Choose from a variety of fabrics that come with different qualities. You cannot miss a fabric that blends well with other furnishings in the home when you choose Graber.

Apart from the innumerable fabrics you have to choose from, there is also a choice for the opacity that you want as well as heaviness of the material. You will want these because they are translucent and airy. Darker light-blocking fabrics are also available for those who want privacy.

Homeowners can also choose solar shades according to panel accents from Graber Panel Accents, a line of shades with sliding panels. These allow you to create the coordinated look that completes the décor in your home.

Solar Shades are ideal for rooms with sun exposure. These specially engineered shades diffuse the light, minimizing glare on your TV, and reduce heat gain. More than that, they allow a view outdoors, even while they protect your furnishings from harmful UV rays. Plus, solar shades deliver a clean, compelling look that really sets the stage for your space.

Solar shades can be a fantastic choice in the kitchen because they can be easily wiped down and water won’t damage them. Pick the right solar shade to give you some privacy, yet let you see outside.

  • Can reduce energy costs
  • Reduces glare to improve productivity and comfort
  • Provides increased privacy while allowing light to pass
  • Can be motorized or manual
Solar Shade Comparison Chart

The percentages of the solar shades refer to the transparency of the weave and the amount of UV rays that are still passing through the shade. For more visibility, we would recommend a 10% or greater solar shade. This percentage is the most transparent which allows more light to come through, and helps maintain your view. If you want to keep out more light or want more privacy, we would suggest a 1% or 3%.

Get the Best Sheer Shades There Is Out There

Your home has areas like decks, porches and patios so that you can enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. All these are an extension of your home's living space that can be used to change the ambience in the rest of the home. Graber sheer shades are designed to keep these spaces looking great and setting an ambience of relaxation. You can add the Graber LightWeaves Exterior Solar Shades if you want some protection from the intense daytime heat that comes in the summer.

These shades are typically fitted in areas that are not easily reachable. As such, you will be doing yourself a huge favor by adding some motorization to lift them. This way, you can control the heat and light in your patio at the touch of a button. Huge windows in the porch will look stunning with these shades.

You just need exterior solar shades that can keep the sun out before it hits the glass panes and heats up your home to uncomfortable levels.